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Hey! I'm Dani Rose, but you probably already knew that as my name is plastered all over this thing... Anyhoo... A little about me in list form:

Thanks to my pal Van for the rockin and fantastically "me" photo above. I may be a bit of a goober... 

  1. I adore all things yellow. Except bees.
  2. I am a Diet Coke fiend. Seriously, I need an IV. 
  3. My family is AWESOME. Disfunction abounds, but that makes it interesting. And hilarious. I attribute most of my sense of humor and good attitude from these people and it is perhaps the thing I am most grateful for. 
  4. I have the cutest niece ever. Stick around the site long enough and you'll see for yourself! 
  5. I am terribly messy. My family and roommate can attest to this. I'm not proud of it, but it's true. The first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one, so I figure I'm on my way to being a neat and organized individual. Go ahead, roll your eyes. I am too. 
  6. I have the best friends ever. They keep me laughing and we get in to some pretty fantastic shenanigans, so life is good. 
  7. The thing I love most about being a photographer is getting to meet all of the AMAZING people that let me into their lives. I am so lucky to get to share so many fabulous, emotional, and love-filled days with so many different people and I adore that. It's an honor!