Let's try this again... LOL. 

So, I am a terrible blogger, but I feel like it's going to be necessary to get better at it as I have now officially launched into full time photography (yay!). That's right- I've left my teaching days behind for now and am going to be focusing on my photo biz full time! Exciting stuff, for sure!! I'm also getting hitched myself this coming September and am having a fun time planning my own wedding- it's super weird to be on the other side of wedding planning but also super great!! Anyhoo... check in on me a yell at me if I haven't posted anything recently!! 


Here's some fancy stuff I've been up to lately! 




Jimmy and Sharon 3.23.13

Jimmy and Sharon are seriously some of the most active people I have had the pleasure to work with. Everytime something pops up on my Facebook news feed by one of them, it's about Jimmy just finishing riding a billion miles on his bike or Sharon registering for her bazillionth race. It's awesome! They both adore being outside and in the mountains so it was only fitting that they have their wedding celebration at Norris Dam.

This was the first time I've shot a wedding there and the location is super cool. Speaking of super cool- It was freezing! Here in East Tennessee, Spring forgot it was her turn to be in charge of the weather and it was downright chilly. But that didn't stop us from grabbing some great photos! Sharon is amazing and was able to make and assemble the sweet details for the day. She even did the flowers and made her own cake! I know what you're thinking- SHE MADE HER OWN CAKE?! She really did. Not only was it adorable, it was DELISH. They've just returned home from their honeymoon, so I'll stop yapping and post the pics- I'm sure they're anxious to see them! 




Katie and Dustin 3.16.13

This is the way a wedding day should be! Stress-free, tons of great food and friends, a ROCKIN' band and a couple who could not be more perfect for one another. 

I have gotten to know Katie over the past few years at school where we both teach the little ones (oh yeah- have I mentioned that here yet? I'm also a full time kindergarten teacher. Let me go ahead and answer a few questions- Yes, it's a super fun job. Yes, it's a very hard job. And yes, I am SUPER busy!!). She is awesome and has found a wonderful dude to spend her life with. Dustin is super laid back and they make a great team. Their wedding day was very relaxed and everyone had a fab time! Be sure to peep the preview of the HootBooth at their wedding- Harry Potter made an appearance! More on the HootBooth later, but seriously, if you're looking for a fun addition to your party the HootBooth is where. it's. at. 


Kiddo Overload! 

I'm truly using this holiday weekend to get caught up on the blog (obviously, right? There have only been 62 posts or updates in the last 48 hours) and while I'd love to blog each session individually, I think it will be best to just overload you with cuteness in one post :) 




John and Christie 11.3.12

It's not everyday that some of your best pals get hitched, but luckily that has happened a few times this year! Weddings, weddings, everywhere!!

John and Christie are truly fantastic people and they know how to throw a party! I was stoked when they asked me to shoot their wedding as they know tons of talented people and they still entrusted me with creating the images they will share with their families forever. People always ask me if it's super stressful to photograph friends' weddings, but I don't really find it to be. I love to create images of these important moments in the lives of those I love and find that it is a bit easier to be a little more creative and try some new things. It's good to me for sure! 

John and Christie chose one of my favorite venues in Knoxville to host their grand event- The Riverdale School. The Whiteheads own, operate, and live in this school-turned-venue and they couldn't be more welcoming to those they let host events here. They are fantastic and it's a great spot. The wonderful food was done by Bettina at Luxe and it was delish. Christie is a creative genius with needle and thread, so all the fabric flowers and cross stitch table numbers were done by the bride. Our pals pitched in to help create the beautiful decorations in the gym of the school to make guests feel as though they were at the best high school dance in the history of time. I'll have to double check with the Kennedy's to find out the name of the band, but they were awesome!




Catering: Luxe

Venue: Riverdale School

Dress: White Lace and Promises 

Cake: Allison Palm 

Band: I'll let ya know... I forgot :-/